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The Bait Shop @ BPO - Live Bait Yeararound

Live Bait and Tackle for Stream, Lake and Ice Fishing

Bait, Tackle, Lures, Line, Rods, Reels and Accessories for Trout, Bass and Pan Fish
Minnows, Shiners and Leeches, Maggots and Wax Worms
Red and Gold Mealworms, Butter Worms, Red Worms, Crawlers and Packaged Bait

Fishing on the Que
Father and Son Fishing on Quemahoning Dam

Fishing Lake Somerset
Cub Scouts Fishing on Lake Somerset


For the best fishing days and times in your area according to the
Solunar Forecast Fishing Calendar, click the link in the sidebar
and follow the below instructions.

For your free solunar forecast calendar,
when the page opens, click on the Calendar tab at the top of the page.
On the next page type in your zip code then click on the Create Your Calendar bar.
Your town should now be in the calendar header. Scroll down through the calendar
to find the best fishing days and times in your area.
You will only be able to see the current month with the free calendar.

Bicycle Pedaler is an Outfitter for Fishing the Rivers, Lakes,
and Streams of Somerset County in the Laurel Highlands
of South Central Pennsylvania.
We offer the gear and bait you need for your outing.

Have yourself a bicycle and fishing adventure on the Casselman River that
runs along the Great Allegheny Passage .
If you're up to it, start at Meyersdale and fish along the way to
Husky Haven Campground at Rockwood for an overnighter.
From there ride and fish your way to Confluence
where you can camp and fish at the Outflow at the Yough Dam.

Ice Fishing PA
Ice Fishing in PA

If the ice is good, Ice Fishing Gear and Bait will be available in January. If the ice lasts we will have Minnows and Shiners into Trout season. Other bait including Mousies during Ice Season only, Wax Worms, Maggots, Meal Worms, Smelt and other worms as available.

Remember thin ice 3 inches or less is very dangerous! It takes 4 inches to support about 200-250 pounds safely. If you weigh 180 with boots and clothing and drag 50 pounds out there that's 230 pounds.

Ice Load Picture

Lake, Stream & Ice Fishing Gear - Camping & Hiking Gear - Live Bait

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