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Inventory for Comfort Bicycles

Comfort bicycles are easy to ride with an upright riding position and good shock absorbing features. They are a good choice for riding on rail trails, around town or on city paths. They usually have flat style handlebars with cushy seats with a shock absorbing post, wide 26" or 27.5 tires and a front suspension fork. Cruisers fit into this catagory and are suited for riding in town or on board walks and beaches with their sweep back handle bars big seats and balloon tires
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Inventory for
Hybrid Bicycles

The Hybrid bicycle is bred from 2 to 3 other bicycle types including mountian, road and a little comfort built into some models.They come in many configurations and can be used for trail riding, road riding, commuting, riding around town or just about anywhere. Riding positions go from an upright riding style to a more aggressive mountain style. Seats vary from a comfort type, some with a shock post, to a sport road or a mountain style saddle. Tires are usually mid size 700c and with or without a front suspension fork.
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Inventory for
Road Bicycles

Road bicycles were the first bicycles made and are suited for a varitity of riding applications mostly on paved or hard packed roads or trails. They can be built for speed, road racing, cyclocross racing, fitness, sport riding and touring or cross country touring. Handlebars are the drop style and the seats are slim but the fitness models usually have a flat hybrid style bar with a more padded sport seat. Tires are usually narrow to mid size 700c.
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Inventory for
Mountain Bicycles

The Mountain bike was born long after the road bike from a cruiser type bike and adapted for down hill racing. Todays mountain bike is high tech with special gearing and shifting, brakes and suspension for aggressive riding on rough off-road terrain and trails. They can be rode on rail trails or roads but take more energy because of their rough tires and low gearing. Handlebars are flat with a padded racing type saddle, front suspension forks and some models have rear suspension shocks. Tire tread varies from small knobs to aggressive large knobs and now come in three sizes, the old standard 26", the newer 29er and now 27.5". Also available are "fat tire" mountain bikes for riding in soft terrain. They're very good on snow covered trails in the winter and sandy beaches in the summer.
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Inventory for Electric, Folding, Recumbent & Trike
Bicycles and Products

Folding bikes can be packed in a carring case or put in the back seat of your car to take wherever you go. Most have small wheels with a tall seat post and handlebar stem to allow them to be folded down to a compact size.
Recumbent bicycles aren't for everyone but those who ride them won't ride anything else. Some steer with handlebars and some with levers on the side. Seats are usually of the ergo style and lower than a regular bicycle. The riding position varies but is very relaxed with the pedales about even with the seat and the front wheel is usually a smaller diameter.
Recumbent trikes come in a variety of configurations usually they are low to the ground with pedales mounted from below the seat line to above. Most have a smaller wheel in the front and larger ones at the rear and some have two wheels in front and one at the rear.
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Venture 4.0
Raleigh Venture 3.0
Comfort Bicycle







Route 3.0
Raleigh Route 3.0
Hybrid Bicycle







Revenio 2.0
Raleigh Revenio 2.0
Road Bicycle





Overdrive Comp
Diamondback 29er
Overdrive Comp
Mountain Bike









Sun Recumbent Trike
Sun Recumbent Trike


Origin8 Folding Bike
Origin8 Folding Bicycle

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